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California and Nationwide


Why wait weeks to get a recording or copy request back from the Country Recorder's Office?

Flat Rate Process Service can record legal documents on a daily basis. We can complete the entire process in as little as one day. We can also retrieve documents for you from any County Recorder’s office in the state. Nationwide eRecordings - call or email for a specific County. Any necessary recording fees will be advanced as requested.

  • Only $25.00 per recordable document

  • We advance the recording fees.

  • No charge for the first rejection

  • $10.00 charge for resubmission of whole package (after the first rejection)

  • There is no monthly or membership or subscription fee. Just one time fee for recording.

  • Assessor forms are NOT charged

  • Most submissions come back within 24 hours.'

  • Recordings get submitted the same day we receive them

Submitting Documents
  • Any document that has been digitally issued can be emailed to us for eRecording

  • Any document that has been physically issued must be mailed to us for submission.

  • Please State which county/state for recording

  • If the documents are related to the same property, please state the order for recording

Helpful Tips
  • The entire document is clear and legible, specifically any Notary seals.

  • All signatures must have clearly printed names

  • Once the documents have been submitted for eRecording with the County, we cannot recall/cancel them.

  • The recording date on the document will be the date of recording, not the submission date.

Available Recorder's Offices
Flate Rate Impact eRecording Courts.png
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Nationwide electronic recording is available. Please contact us for availability

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